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**Welcome to my Town**

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Mount Isa Temp

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Hiya and welcome to the Isa, as it is so called by the locals. The Isa isa friendly City, Yes!
i said City is not a mistake, it is classed as a City not because of population but because of
the land area covered by it's boundaries. The Isa is also known as the Inland Oasis, even tho
being situated in the dry outback of Queensland it still boasts lots of green foliage all year. Mt
Isa also has a lake situated 15 klms from the Isa called Lake Moondarra, which is also the
Cities main water supply and Lake Julius being a back-up water supply and situated 90 klms
from the Isa. Lake Julius is only pumped when Lake Moondarra's supplies run low.

Mount Isa is the centre of a vast mining and pastoral Industry set in the rugged Selwyn Ranges
and straddles the Leichardt River. Situated 1910 km by road from Brisbane and 1014 km from
Townsville. Silver, Lead and Ore was discovered in 1923 by John Campbell Miles, who founded
the City. 335 metres above sea level, Mt Isa enjoys a long sunny winter with pleasantly cool
evenings and the summers are hot and long. Other gems found around the Isa are, Ameythst,
Garnet, Topaz, Jasper and many types of Quartz, Crystals and Ribbonstones, also found is
colorful Copper Ores, Beryl, Silicas, Aluminas and Phosphates. The area is also well known
for its fossils and aboriginal art relics of the Kalkadoon Tribe.

The Isa is Australia's most isolated City with a population of around 28,000 with about 56
different nationalities. The population of Isa flatuates all year round due to tourists and people
comming and going with work commitments. The Isa has a great influx of tourists from over-
seas and inter-state. The heartbeat of the Isa and the main employment is
Mount Isa Mines
(MIM). Mount Isa Mines is one of the largest in the world and one of the biggest producers of
silver and lead, and one of the top 10 mines to produce copper and zinc. MIM is also the only
mines in the world to give visitors surface tours.

During the year the Isa boasts many annual events, one of my favourites is the Schools Rock,
Pop Mime Concert, which is held in October. Both Primary and Secondary including private
schools compete for trophies in lower and upper Primary and Secondary. The event is held
outdoors at the Irish Clubs Oval and always pulls a big crowd to see the talent performed and
to also cheer their school along.

Weather in Mt Isa is mostly sunny, with a dry heat, we get winter but the sun still shines and
can still be quite warm in the winter days but quite chilly at night. We get the occassional rain
and when it does decided to pour down we can sometimes end up flooding, i have seen so far
2 floods of Mt Isa. The people of the Isa are quite friendly people and don't mind lending a
hand or giving a wave to a total stranger.

Another annual event in the Isa is the Mount Isa Rotary Rodeo held in August. You can find
out more on this event by clicking on the picture below.

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Click on the corresponding month to see the events being held for Mount Isa
and surrounding Towns.


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So far is all the pictures that i have to show of Mt Isa and the surrounding area.

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4th October, 2002

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