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Welcome to my second Unicorn Page...Here you will find some links
to other Unicorn Sites, some more pictures, another poem and a bit
of information on the Unicorn*...If you believe you will Enjoy!.....If you
don't you will still Enjoy!!.....and maybe leave here

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The Unicorn is an imaginary animal that plays a prominent part in medieval  legend and art. The Unicorn has the head and body of a horse, the legs of a deer and the tail of a lion. It is named for it's single horn that projects from the middle of it's fore- head. Unicorns are portrayed as white and are generally believed to symbolize purity, chasity and meekness...People once believed that the Unicorn's horn has an antidote for poison and during the Middle Ages powders supposedly made from such horns sold for extremely high prices...Most scholars believe the image of the Unicorn was derived from hearsay European accounts of the rhinocerous.......


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**Spirit of the Wind**

The Unicorn is wrongly named
A description will tell why
Silver hooves upon the ground
Wing tips brush the sky

The sight of his eyes
Is quite unusual and rare
They give of the feelings
Of warmth, love, and care

The mane is melted gold
A flame against the blue
Matched only by his tail
Which is the same fiery hue

The horn is the most
Mystical of all
Rainbow it is coloured
Magic is it's call

Gentle is his nature
Never has he sinned
As every-one can see
He's the spirit of the wind!

(poem by Amy Owen)

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Here are some Unicorn Sites i have come across and think they
are worth a look...There are alot of nice sites out there but these
ones were my on the star to link to

twinkley.gif (1891 bytes)Unicorns Home! twinkley.gif (1891 bytes)The Unicorn Grove!
twinkley.gif (1891 bytes)Hollys Unicorn Meadow! twinkley.gif (1891 bytes)Unicorns Sanctuary!
twinkley.gif (1891 bytes)Neysa's Unicorn Page! twinkley.gif (1891 bytes)The Mystical Place!
twinkley.gif (1891 bytes)World of the Blue Unicorn!

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