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Australia has a wide range of different species of snakes from venomous to non venomous. Australia also has one of the deadliest snakes in the World, that being the Taipan...


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Taipans are slender and brown to almost black and cream or yellow with orange spots
underneath. They live in the Northern and Eastern parts of Australia.


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Another one of Australia's deadliest snakes they live mostly in the Southern parts and Tasmania. They vary in colour from grey, through to various shades of brown, olive green and black. They can grow to 7ft long, but most are only 5ft.


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The Brown snake is among Australia's most dangerous snake because of their extremely potent venom. Brown snakes average length is about 5ft, but some grow to about 7ft. They vary in colour from light grey to brown to almost black, and their under bellies are cream and yellow with orange spots of blotches.


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The Death Adder is a viper like snake and lives in most parts of Australia and is extremely dangerous. They are about 2ft long with stout-like bodies, with broad heads, thin necks and thin, short tapering tails. Their fangs are very large and their venom is potent. Most Adders are grey
or brown with irregular cross bands.


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Most Copperheads are rich brown to reddish or black in colour, with cream to pink under-bellies. They live in the colder parts of Australia and are more active at night.


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Red-Bellied Black snakes mostly live on the coastal parts of Australia but are also found inland. Their colour is a shiny black with a pink to crimson under-belly. Most grow to about 5ft and some to 8ft.


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Member of the Python family and Australia's most common and widespread snake. Some
Carpet snakes grow to 12ft but most only grow to 8ft. They are various shades of brown with
a pattern of lighter brown bands and blotches with black edges.


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The Brown-Tree snake lives through-out Northern Australia down the Eastern Coast. They range in colour from whitish cream to reddish brown with red coloured cross bands. Average length is 1.5mtrs, but can reach 2mtrs. Although venomous their bite is not normally dangerous.

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