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This Site is compiled of both snakes and spiders from our neck of the woods!
So be careful and watch where you tread!!

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Funnel Web spiders live from Southern Queensland, south into Tasmania and west to the Eyre Peninsula in South Australia. The Sydney Funnel Web is large and chocolate brown to black in colour. Males have a prominent spur projecting from the middle part of their second legs, their legs are also longer than that of the female and their bodies are smaller. The male is more venomous than the female. Funnel Web spiders are ground dwellers, they construct tunnel-like ground webs, under rocks, logs or rubbish, they have also been known to wander into house dwellings. Only a few are tree dwellers, making webs in the cracks of the trunks.


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The Daddy Long Legs can grow to half a hand span with pin sized legs that are long and springy. They spin
their fine, tangled webs in dark corners and are most common in the summer months. It's venom is harmless
to humans, but strong enough to kill a Red-Back or Huntsman spider, it is the most venomous of all spiders in Australia.


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The Red-Backed spider is closely related to the American Black Widow. The Red-Back had been known to have cause many deaths before an anti-venene was developed in the 1950's. The female Red-Backs have a glossy black body with a yellowish orange to red stripe running down the middle of the back. Male Red-Backs are harmless and smaller than the female. Juvenile Red-Backs go through a series of colour changes before reaching maturity. The Red-Backs are found all over Australia, they build their sticky, irregular, tangled webs in dry, sheltered areas.

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Some spiders bites have caused no deaths but their bites can cause extreme pain and sickness, serious
enough to seek medical attention. Here are some of these spiders...

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The body of the White-Tailed spiders are roundish and about 1-5 centimetres long. They are dark grey in colour with a prominent white spot at the end of their body. They often dwell in houses, few of them have crawled into peoples shoes thus biting them, the affects of the White-Tailed spider vary from human to human, some have suffered long term affects causing skin rashes and blisters.


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The Shield Huntsman is the more harmful than that of the common Huntsman. The Huntsman mainly dwell in bushland but have been found in houses. Their bodies are flat and hairy, and vary in colour, their two front
legs are longer than their back legs. There is about 100 species of Huntsman.


! harmless, but interesting !


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One of the most spectacular of these species is the St Andrews Cross spider (shown above), it has alternating yellow and reddish-brown stripes on it's body. The webs have white ribbon like bands of silk which transect the hub of the web, often in the form of a cross.


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The male Trapdoor is brown in colour and smaller than the female, the colour of the female is more a reddish-brown, some have a banded appearance on the hind section. The front appendages of the males
are enlarged and resemble boxing gloves. Trapdoors make silk-lined burrows in the ground with a hinged lid. Some species of the Trapdoor don't make their homes with a lid just and open burrow.



Angling spiders are large bodied, creamy coloured with pink, yellow and brown markings. They make their webs in leaves of trees and bushes, they dangle a single silk thread with a globule of sticky silk, they give of
a scent that attracts prey, the spider then swings the sticky silk line in a circle under it's prey until it catches the prey, then reels it in, thus giving the spider it's name of the Angling spider.

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OOOPPPSSS!!! Looks like I've run out of space for my slithery friends..OH! well
click snakey and follow him to meet his friends, at a safe distance!!.hehe

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