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Do you wonder about what sort of personality your new little
person might have?  This Star Baby guide might give you
some hints.

Aries (21 March - 20 April)

aries11.jpg (8858 bytes)If you tend to be rather hesitant and indecisive you'll be pleased by the arrival of an Aries baby.  The clarity and definition with which he'll express himself from the very start will be catching.  The directness and speed with which he tackles life will surprise you.  He will always be moving on to new adventures and if nobody follows him he will do it on his own.  He has no need for an audience he'd rather have opponents to measure himself against.  But he doesn't allow himself enough time for anything; as quickly as he becomes keenly interested in something, the enthusiasm dies down again.  Perseverance is not his strong point - he is a spontaneous person who tackles difficult situations in a happy-go-lucky manner, which often leads to surprisingly simple solutions.  Strength and singleness of purpose makes him an ideal leader.

Taurus (21 April - 21 May)

taurus11.jpg (8330 bytes)If you are expecting a Taurean baby, maybe you could start teaching yourself something you'll have to master in the coming years: patience!  A Taurus child often keeps people waiting.  If you manage to accept her living pace you'll find her secrets: the art of enjoying life.  You can't force anything upon her (least of all a faster pace), as stubbornness and bloody mindedness are her main weapons. Give  a stable and consistent environment as she is typically a person of habit who finds it hard to adjust to new situations.  If you make her comfortable and happy you will have a loving little person full of loyalty and good will, tackling the world with great concentration and aptitude.  She always aims for practical results. Finishing something is more important to her than doing several things at once.

Gemini (22May - 21 June)

gemini11.jpg (9082 bytes)Your life will be busy when you Gemini child is born.  When other babies still sleep alot he will already be making his first attempt to explore the world.  Nothing escapes his notice, which shows his immense hunger for information becoming keener as he grows older.  You'll soon find he reacts to an abundance of stimuli with enormous energy and curiosity.  So it's not surprising that, from a very early stage, he likes to be in close communication with the rest of the world (if you dislike making phone calls, you can soon leave that task to him!).  Because his interests are so diverse and because he considers them all equally important, you need to help him to make a choice, before he becomes totally inundated by his enthusiasm.  You can give him lots of games that require intelligence and skill, as no child becomes bored as quickly as a Gemini.

Cancer (22 June - 22 July)

cancer11.jpg (9365 bytes)If your expecting a Cancer child, get your old fairytale books from the attic and have a look through them.  There you'll find the world your child will be living in.  It's the magical kingdom of images, dreams and fantastic creatures, that can become overpoweringly real to the very impressionable Cancer.  Her sensitivity makes it necessary for a Cancer child to withdraw from the outside world every now and then.   She feels safest close to her parents or in the fantasy land where she feels the most comfortable. A Cancer child isn't exactly an extrovert and needs alot of encouragement and affection.  Due to her sensitivity she can feel she is misunderstood all too quickly, and becomes depressed by other peoples bad moods.  It will be important for her parents to lead the child carefully to emotional independence.

Leo (23 July - 23 August)

leo11.jpg (10931 bytes)Clear the stage for the future leading actor in your family. It's ok to applaud! Even as a baby a Leo loves being in the limelight and receiving attention from people surrounding him. But he also knows how to return the favour.  With his truly sunny nature he warms and opens other peoples hearts.   Later his protective instincts, towards weaker ones in the group (whom he will lead, of course), will become quite apparent.  His playful charm, his power to persuade everyone to act positively and his huge amount of will power provide him with a natural authority that satisfies his need to show off.  The Leo child is a practical person, as he will recognise instinctively that life has to be lived now and not cautiously examined first.  And so he will push through life with lion-like courage, playful but with a sense of responsibility to others.

Virgo (24 August - 23 September)

virgo11.jpg (8770 bytes)Do you give sorting out problems, common sense and order their proper place in your life?   If not, the Virgo child will soon change that.  You'll notice that even a very small Virgo will understand an amazing amount of life.  She doesn't do anything thoughtlessly; everything is thoroughly considered for a long time before she turns thought into deed, carefully and highly conscious of achievement and quality.  She is also her own severest critic.  A particularly fine characteristic is her desire to help, to be useful, and to contribute to the housework.  A game is not just a game, but also an opportunity to learn something new.  There is alot of purpose and method in a Virgo's life.  Apart from that she is a serious, but very friendly and adaptable creature.  Virgo's are found of order and can be very picky about their appearance.

Libra (24 September - 23 October)

libra11.jpg (8564 bytes)If there isn't a dispute settler in your family, you can expect your new Libra baby to assume this role one day.  No other star sign has such a pronounced feeling for justice and is as apt to acting as mediator between opposites.  The words "fair" and "unfair" will turn up in the childs vocabulary very early, caused by an extremely sensitive need for justice.  This need is also the basis for his wish to create a very harmonious environment.  Your child will show a pronounced sense of beauty and proportion.  His own behaviour expresses this, and with his proverbial charm he will always be surrounded by admirers.  However, a Libra child finds it very difficult to handle conflicts, so it's important to help him to train his decision making abilities.  You could also help him develop his sense of humour, as he tends to take himself a little seriously.

Scorpio (24 October - 22 November)

scorpio11.jpg (8416 bytes)Do you ever have the feeling you're not quite sure who you are?  Then your Scorpio child may be able to help you. No other star sign is capable of such insightful explanations and brings so many hidden truths to light.  Your little Scorpio won't find it easy to join the established family routine.  She will demand all your attention, but will also give herself completely should you want her to.  She can't bear half heartedness, which she considers an insulting offence.  For her parents it will be an experience to see how their childs spiritual wisdom unfolds and how she tries to unravel lifes secrets with her own intelligence.  She does everything with passion or she'd rather not do it at all.  With such intensity, the more frivolous aspects of her life tend to suffer, so support your child discovering and enjoying the lighter, more playful elements of life.

Sagittarius (23 November - 21 December)

sagittarius11.jpg (8903 bytes)An adventurer is added to your family when this baby arrives.  Prepare your self for a baby in whose face you can read how much he's looking forward to life.  Everything that happens to him only seems to increase his enthusiasm.  He has an enviably happy, carefree nature, based on a deep trust in the safety of his environment His physical activity and high spirits are hard to slow down.  They draw him outside, where he can get rid of his energy and satisfy his need for freedom.  There's always a goal beckoning and he has no shortage of friends who appreciate his generosity, his sense of humour and his explorer's spirit.  On the other hand, others must respect his pronounced need for freedom and don't close him in.  He makes this clear with such frankness that he can hurt people who aren't very sensitive.  The Sagittarius curiosity is as unlimited as his goals and passions.

Capricorn (22 December - 20 January)

capricorn11.jpg (10042 bytes)Don't even worry if, every now and then, you get the strange feeling that you are actually more lighthearted, spoilt, and simply more childish than your child.  Your child often radiates a rare maturity.  Capricorn children orient themselves to the adult world from very early on and seem older and wiser than their older brothers and sisters.   This often leads to them being given too much responsibility too early.  On one hand this fulfills their need for recognition by the adults, but it takes away some of their time of carefree childhood, which is beneficial to a Capricorn.  Your little Capricorn won't be the permanent centre of attention and admiration like Leo or Libra children, but she does have a definite ambition to achieve.  In school, little Capricorns show great ability to concentrate, learn methodically but slowly, and have a strong sense of duty.

Aquarius (21 January - 19 February)

aquarius11.jpg (8156 bytes)Should you think that you've been brought up rather conventionally or with that sometimes you could do things differently then you couldn't have chosen a better star sign for your child than Aquarius.  You will have given birth to a small rebel - but a very nice one.  He will protest immediately if you try to rear him using old-fashioned, restrictive methods.  He has an infallible intuition for the facile and the just because syndrome.  This means that your mustn't depend on proven maxims, but you remain very sensitive to his signals in order to understand your childs needs and ideals.   A typical Aquarian is often curious and little ahead of his time.  Everything new and unexplored, whether in relation to people, toys or, later, new techniques and scientific developments will fascinate him.  According to his nature, allow him alot of freedom for his considerable curiosity to grow.

Pisces (20 February - 20 March)

pisces11.jpg (8537 bytes)You have chosen the dreamiest of all star signs.  She seems to live on another planet, a Utopia where ideals rule, where the people are friendlier, have more consideration for each other and live together in harmony.  Our sometime unfriendly world knocks your tender Pisces creature back into her own, colourful dream world.  Sometimes she seems shy and speechless when faced by the tough realities of life.  What she needs is lots of encouragement and understanding.  With plenty of that she can overcome her insecurity to express her rich fantasy world in ordinary everyday life and develop her often artistic talent (especially dance and music).  It's important to give your little Pisces the opportunity to withdraw into her own little world every now and then; she will return refreshed and be able to handle the real world better.

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Monday's child is Fair of Face
Tuesday's child is Full of Grace

Wednesday's child will Fear no Foe
Thursday's child has Far to Go

Friday's child is Loving and Giving
Saturday's child Works hard for its Living

And a child that's born on the Sabbath
Day, is Joyful and Happy in Everyway.

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