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Will I have to be sexy at sixty?
Will I have to keep trying so hard?
Well I'm just going to slump,
With my dowager's hump
And watch myself turn into lard.
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I'm not going to keep exercising,
I'm not going to take HRT,
If a toy boy enquires
I'll say, 'Hah! Hard luck squire!
Where were you in '73!'

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I'm not going to shave my moustache,
I'm just going to let them all sprout,
My chins'll be double
All covered in stubble,
I'm going to become an Old Trout!
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My beauty all gone and forgotten,
Vanished with never a quibble,
I'll sit here and just
Kind of gnaw at a crust
And squint at the telly, and dribble.
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As my marbles get steadily fewer,
Must I battle to keep my allure?
Have I still got to pout
Now my teeth have come out
And my husband has found pastures newer?
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Farewell to the fad and the fashion,
Farewell to the young and the free!
My passion's expired,
At bedtime....I'm TIRED!
Sexy and sixty? Not me!
(poem by Pam Ayers)
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