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Welcome to my page of pictures of Mount Isa and surrounding areas.

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Mount Isa by day

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Mount Isa by night

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Overlooking Mount Isa Mines and City from the surrounding rocky mountain side.

Mount Isa's Central Business District.

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Mount Isa Mine and City from John Campbell Miles Memorial Look out.

The rugged rocky landscape that surrounds Mount Isa

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Lake Moondarra, a popular swimming, watersports and picnic spot.

Mary Kathleen's abandoned open cut Uranium mine.

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Lawn Hill

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Gregory River

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                  Lake Moondarra

Lawn Hill

           Lake Julius

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Lawn Hill

Mount Isa

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Australia's longest Roadtrain as certified by the Guiness Book of Records was achieved
at the 1995 Outback Festival in Winton, Qld by Alan 'Buddo' Grant of Grants Livestock
Transport Pty Ltd pulling 34 trailers measuring 1634 ft for a distance of 2 kms.

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