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Others Kimmy, Kimbies, Kimble, Kimbo, Snap, Milf and last but not least Biatch
Live In a hole in Queensland, Oz
Age Duh !! Whats that number say in my name ^^ up there :D
DOB 8/9/?????????
Sex Mmmmmm Yes Plz
Phone Sif i give you that..meh !
School  Has most probably been closed down by now
Future Occupation Granny
Favorite Food Seafood and Chinese
Favorite Artist My daughter Kyliegirl....Music Artist/s: The Doors
Hobbies Compter, Art & Crafts, Reading, Clubbing, Camping, Fishing
Favorite Word DILLIGAF !!
Favorite Quote Shit Happens...Live, Love, Learn

~*FeEl   tHe  LuB*~

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