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~**Kimbys Page of pages**~

Here you will find some more of my works that i have done
over the last 2 years...enjoy your stay... :o)

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If you have a dream, persue it, if it does'nt come
true then it was'nt meant to be.

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The first page "To my Friends" was my first webpage i made, i have come a
long way since that page.  :o))

To My Friends

Silver Brumby

Sugar Plum Tree


When I'm Sixty

Mother's Day 99'

Ode To Friends

Unfriendly Fangs

Touch of Australia

Kylie's Horse Page

Star Babies

Special Friends

Lonely People

Xmas 99'

HTML Help Page

You Are Special

Kiarra's Pokemon Page

Slow Dance

The Reason

Easter 2002

Page of Calm



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This next page was made for a online friend of mine in memory
of his sister.


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~*~ Like to see my little corner on Fantasy ~*~

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Also visit my page on Powerpoint Slideshows that me and a friend have made
and that i have collected from other people, you can download these to send to
friends and family. There are Inspirational, Naughty and Humorous ones.

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Hope you enjoyed your stay now you can return
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