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There is a place called Fantasy Island
Where all the children can fly.
Holding with them a dream in each hand
And where dragons do lie.
Where wizard's cast magical spells
And pegasus roams the sky.
With big castles that adorn the land
Ringing pretty chiming bells.

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There are unicorns with golden heels
And griffons which squark.
Where Jack and Jill tumble down hills
And where the lions talk.
Where the gnomes play fun games
And funny clowns do the cat walk.
With tasty treats down the candy lanes.

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But when the fun is over, no time to stay
The children say their good-byes.
Because night is becomming the day
They all fly home and sigh.
And they all float back into their beds
Then awake with the sun up high.
But their fun lovely dreams will play
Inside their heads.

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Poem written by my daughter
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