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T(Fairy Queen the keeper of the faeries garden)

T   Fairies appear in two kinds of folk stories-legends and fairy tales. Legends
take place in the real world, and fairy tales occur in some imaginary land. A
number of beliefs and stories about fairies have been popular for hundreds of,
years, like the tooth fairy for one,,we all remember the tooth fairy don't we..??.
There are several kinds of fairies, to name a few there are the buccas, brownies,
pixies, elves, goblins and trolls....

    Fairies make themselves invisible to humans, however, some people have the
power to see fairies and the places they live, sometimes fairies become visible to
people who step into the Fairy Ring..Fairy Rings are dark green circles found in a
field or meadow. Fairies enjoy dancing and use Fairy Rings as dancing places...

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    What do fairies look like, well fairies vary in size, but the majority are smaller
than adult humans. Most fairies have various human features, some fairies,
including pixies have great beauty. Others have misshapen faces or deformed

    Large groups of fairies live in Fairyland, a fairy society with it's own government
and territory. In most  stories, a king and a queen rule Fairyland, with the queen
having the most power. Queen Mab is a famous fairy queen and Oberon is king of
the fairies.

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**Fairy Song**

All my life is joy and pleasure
Sportive as my tuneful measure
In the rose's cup i dwell
Balmy sweets perfume my cell
My food the crimson luscious cherry
And the vines luxurious berry
The nectar from the dew is mine
Nectar from the flowers divine
And when i join the fairy band
Lightly tripping hand in hand
By the moonlights quivering beam
In concert with the dashing stream
Then my music leads the dance
When the gentle fays advance
And oft my numbers on the green
Lull to rest the fairy queen!

(poem by Felicia Dorothea Browne-Haemans)
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