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Welcome to my page of my daughter Kylie's Graphic Artwork.....She has been
a busy girl and been teaching herself this art but will get more knowledge of this
field when she commences a 3 years course in Graphic Design next year. We
hope you enjoy viewing her works and Kylie has agreed to being contacted if any
one wishes something special made or interested in her works in another manner
but please be easy on your requests, she is still learning. Click on the icon below
to contact her.....Artwork is İ pinching... :o))

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The first lot of Artwork has been drawn by Kylie using a programme called Flash MX
and her brain for the

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This next lot of Artwork is done by using different pictures and collageing them and
using a programme called Jasc PSP.

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The set below was made for a friends Homepage

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We hope you enjoyed your stay and please feel free to leave a comment in the
Guestbook nice to get feedback... :o))

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